Lundberg Sweet Dreams Organic Brown Rice Syrup

This is my first of what I hope to be many editions of my "Favorite Things." Where I share items I have used myself, how I use them and other reasons why I like them. I am not a paid spokesperson for any of my favorite things, but I want to share these items with you and I am confident I will be able to intrigue you into trying something new.

Lundberg Sweet Dreams Organic Brown Rice Syrup

How I use it:

- in smoothies, yogurt and oatmeal

Why I like it:

- a healthier alternative to other sweeteners

- gluten free and wheat free (not an issue for me, but important for many others)

- USDA certified organic

- non-GMO verified

- it comes in a glass jar, that you can easily reuse or recycle

- a little bit goes a long way

- creates a thicker consistency in smoothies

- not overly sweet

- tastes good

- small family farm makes it, "Lundberg Family Farm"

- recipes can be found at

Other ways to use it:

- in baked goods, tea or coffee

- on top of ice cream, pancakes, waffles, french toast


#food #sweet #organic #brownrice

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